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About Arun

I am an Engineer who enjoys teaching Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and have been tutoring VCE students for the last 12 years. I have had 14 years of industry experience in the field of state of the art, high-tech scientific instruments, including:

All the above instruments incorporate advanced concepts in physics such as mechanics, optics, fibre optics, quantum physics, electronics and photonics.

The main usage of the above equipments is in the area of analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, catalysts and in the development of materials used in micro and nano-technologies. Thus, my students get a well balanced view of the usefulness of all the concepts that are covered in their VCE curriculum.

I provide the students with my own notes and exam materials. These are regularly updated as and when changes are made to the curriculum by the VCAA.

My students have made successful careers in the field of medicine, engineering, mechatronics, IT, biosciences, commerce and law.

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