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"Arun is a fun teacher and we learn different techniques on how to approach exam questions. Definitely more helpful than school."
Maddy Dans
"I enjoy coming to Arun's lessons because the class is a small size, so if we need extra help we can get that. Besides the environment is fun and relaxed."
Jaspreet Kaur
"Arun makes things easy to understand. It is not rushed like at school. Learning environment is very relaxed and full of jokes."
Fiona Koumanidis
"This class is good because you learn vital information for the exam. It is a fun class to be in as Arun is interactive with his students and has a unique style of making hard concepts easy to follow."
Vinay Chari
"I enjoy the enthusiasm of the class and things I learn here help me at school. Entertainment factor in Arun's class is great!"
Abhishekh Patrick
"The classes are filled with learning and small jokes on the side make it fun atmosphere. The notes also are easy to understand."
Jason D'Rozario
"I was lucky to find Arun as my tutor for VCE Chemistry, Physics and Maths. I found his hand written notes as very refreshing. Exam questions set by him were very challenging and tested me in all areas. The great feature of Arun's lessons was he related the various concepts in science and maths to every day situations. That just added a different vista to my learning. I was able to approach my exams with confidence . Once again Thanks to Arun ...."
Marcus Royle, Salesian College
"I am glad my parents found Arun as my tutor during VCE. It was a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere which encouraged my ability to learn. I found that I was always ahead of class, making it easier to understand what the teacher was explaining. The Math Methods and Chemistry classes were very informative , supported by many practice exams and exam style questions. This ensured I was fully prepared for exams and class SAC's . I made new friends from the class and were able to work together. I looked forward to attending Arun's classes each week."
James Azzam, Wheelers Hill Secondary
"Arun to me was as much a mentor as a tutor of Science and Maths for my VCE. The clarity with which he presents the complex concepts is unbelievable. I was always attentive in his class perhaps because the atmosphere was always friendly and relaxed. He provided with useful tips about how to organise my time and resources effectively. I went for my exams feeling optimistic. Ever since I have recommended Arun to several of my friends."
Nicholas Cheng, Glen Waverley Secondary College
"I am delighted to write about Arun's tutoring sessions which were well structured and focused on the current VCE curriculum. Arun has this ability to simplify the most complex concepts. Those were then consolidated by practicing a variety of exam questions from several sources . He encorages questions to be asked and provides simple and practical explanations. These tutoring sessions helped me to approach the exams with confidence and helped me achieve my goals in VCE."
Anusha Surendra, High Vale Secondary School
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